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Susan Skog

Author, Speaker, Freelance Journalist, Communications Consultant

Trained as a journalist, Susan Skog is an author, humanitarian writer, and advocate for people in the developing world. Susan’s first book, Embracing Our Essence: Spiritual Conversations with Prominent Women was a bestseller in the Rocky Mountain region and helped spark the U.S. women’s spirituality movement

Susan’s written for AARP, The NY Times, Science, Huffington Post, Hello Giggles,, Family Circle, 5280, and many other media. Thich Nhat Hanh, the Jane Goodall Institute, Jennifer Buffett, Abigail Disney, Howard Zinn, Ardath Rodale, and Yolanda King, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s daughter, have supported Susan’s work.

To rally support for girls’ education, safe water, maternal health, and poverty relief, Susan’s gathered dozens of untold stories, from Asia to Africa, that were covered by leading news organizations, such as NBC Nightly News, CNN, The NY Times, People, Vanity Fair, the Today Show, and LA Times.  She’s been a communications leader for dozens of developing world nonprofits.

In addition to nationwide bookstore talks, she’s been a presenter at more than 350 organizations, including think tanks, workplaces, campuses, school districts, churches, and women’s, corporate, hospital and nonprofit conferences in 10 states.  

Susan’s appeared on Fox News and been interviewed by NPR, Associated Press, top newspapers, and TV and radio shows across the country. She’s been interviewed by bestselling author and Hay House radio host Dr. Christiane Northrup and other authors. She was a Google Author.

 Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Susan loves to hike, dance, travel and meet new people.    

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